RIM vs the World

After the success of our last two infographics: How Green is the iPhone and The iPhone the worlds #1 Camera, we decided to look at why some people love their BlackBerry so much, and what challenges RIM is facing.

Please feel free to insert the full infographic into your blog, please credit it back to us using the code at the bottom of this post.

<a href="http://geekaphone.com/blog/files/2011/05/Rim-vs-the-World.jpg"><img width="600" height="4176" src="http://geekaphone.com/blog/files/2011/05/Rim-vs-the-World.jpg" title="RIM vs the World" alt="blackberry vs iphone"/></a><br /> <a href="http://geekaphone.com">Geekaphone</a>'s  <a href=" http://geekaphone.com/blog/Rim-vs-the-World">RIM vs the World</a> Infographic



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