Our Goal is to Empower Consumers

Geekaphone has a pretty simple goal: help consumers make informed purchasing decisions quickly.  It just turns out this is a really hard problem to solve.  Geekaphone is part of the Snapsort family of consumer advice sites. Geekphone is laser-focused on mobile phones and helping you make the best choice. If you like Geekaphone, you’ll love our other sites.

Problems We’re Solving

  • Aggregating all the data necessary to make informed decisions
  • Allowing users to discover the right product without being an expert
  • Making all the data understandable
  • Turning all the data into objective measurements
  • Personalizing the whole experience to the user

Rapidly Expanding

We spent about two years developing our platform and now (August 2011) we’re rapidly expanding into many domains, by the end of 2011 we plan to be in 20.  We think you’ll love how easy these sites make it to discover the right product for you:

If you have suggestions of what you’d like to see us go into next feel free to fire us an email at team@snapsort.com.  Laptops, TVs, real estate, stocks, hotels, vacation destinations, yoga studios?  Tell us what you wish we could help you with.



We’re a small but rapidly expanding team, we’re currently hiring and would love to add more super smart computer science / engineers to the team.  If you dig NLP, AI, statistics, writing algorithms and writing applications that help millions please apply.
Snapsort was founded by three UW comp-sci / engineering grads, this is their 3rd startup together. Christopher Reid, Alex Black and Mark Feeney



  • Interested in providing a better consumer experience to your customers?
  • Looking to advertise to an engaged group of consumers coming to us for trusted unbiased purchasing advice?
Feel free to contact Christopher Reid, one of the co-founders at chris at snapsort dot com.


Does Geekaphone Make Money?

Although we’re currently focused on our user experience we also make money to keep the service running.  We do this in two ways: advertising and affiliate partners.  You’ll see ads around our site for both retailers and brands, sometimes a retailer will pay us if you buy something at their store (their way of  acknowledging the role we’ve played in helping you reach a purchasing decision) and sometimes they just pay us if you click over to them to browse around.  If you do end up buying a product through our service you have our deepest thanks as you’ve indirectly helped us create the next round of improvements.



Email team@snapsort.com
Phone 519.594.0036
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Twitter @Carsort
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