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A Gallery of Photos Taken with iPhones

For the final article in the series about using the camera function of the iPhone I wanted to show a collection of photos the iPhone users around the world have taken and posted on Flickr Creative Commons. I think you’ll agree that some of these images are quite good. I hope you enjoy them.

iPhone HDR

This photo “iPhone HDR” taken by slack12 has been processed into an HDR image. Great work.

iPhone shot through a magnifying glass

“iPhone shot through a magnifying glass” captured by mathowie

Iphone and Picnik

This great cat image was captured by mastrobiggo. The vignetting was added using the Picnik app.

[iPhone] Stillgelegte Autobahnausfahrt

Great shot of Stillgelegte Autobahnausfart which if I remember my German means “Closed autobahn (highway) exit ramp” by taytom

iPhone Pilgrim

This image wasn’t taken with an iPhone but it does illustrate what some people are doing with their iPhone. The woman uses the monopod as her walking stick and has mounted her iPhone to the top of it. She has then mounted a piece of plastic over the lens so she can take macro photos with it. Ingenious. Thanks to coofdy for posting this on Flickr Creative Commons.

Moon Lake Sunset (iPhone)

Moon Lake Sunset was taken near Fairbanks, Alaska by Kelly Donaldson.

Photo taken with iPhone 4

Nice image captured by John Karakatsanis in Néa Alexándia, Athens, Attiki, GR.

iPhone - Kayaking Trip on Town Lake

This photo was taken on Town Lake in Austin, Texas by by jrandallc.

iPhone - Kayaking Trip on Town Lake

A second photo taken on Town Lake by jrandallc.

san fernando sunset with iphone

A San Fernando Sunset taken in Mission Hills, California by torres21.

iPhone macro

This macro photo was captured in Prickwillow, England, GB by by humblenick. To capture the shot the photographer held an extra lens from a disposable camera in front of the iPhone lens. Good work.

These are but a few of the creative, imagitive and excellent iPhone images that can be found on Flickr and Flickr Creative Commons. Now it’s your turn to go out and experiment with your iPhone and learning how you can take great photos.

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