9 Smartphone Accessories You Should Never, Ever Buy

Looking for a gag gift for a family member you don’t particularly like? Or perhaps you just have questionable taste and need a present for yourself? Consider any or all of these terrible, unnecessary smartphone accessories:

iCarta dock with toilet paper

When you find yourself thinking you might need an iPhone dock with a built-in toilet paper holder, you need to rethink your life choices.


iPhone Shoulder holster

Nothing says “badass” like a shoulder holster for your iPhone.



While this would be a nifty item for someone with limited use of their hands, the name doesn’t exactly imply “tool for the disabled.” Face it: This is designed for a person so lazy, even holding an object is too much of a chore.


Home button bling

The product description claims this item “makes your device look more refreshing than ever.” Somehow I’m not convinced.



This is not a thing you need. This is not a thing you need.



One man’s sock with an elastic sewn on it is another man’s 5 in 1 cell phone/small device holder.


Telescope lens

We get it. You’re a cellphone photographer. But don’t you think this is taking it just a little too far?


Steering wheel mount

Do we even need to say why this is a terrible idea?


As Seen on TV personal theater hat

Watch this video. It looks like a parody of As Seen on TV products, right?

WRONG. Here’s a review of the As Seen on TV Hat from Gizmodo, who actually managed to get their hands on one. Sadly, the website doesn’t work anymore and it seems you can no longer purchase yourself an As Seen on TV Hat. Ah, but you can dream.

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