Apple Maps Vs. Google Maps: Which Is More Popular? The Answer May Surprise You

Remember when Apple Maps came out and there was a big fuss because errors and bugs in the app were causing locations to show up incorrectly and directions to be wrong? It was enough to make Apple the butt of a lot of jokes. One would think a PR disaster like that would result in a failed product – but according to new data from comScore, Apple Maps is actually killing it.

From Apple Insider:

One year ago… 81.1 million were using Google for mapping out of a total population of 103.6 [million] Android and iOS users.

The latest September data shows that just 58.7 million are still using Google’s product, despite the total installed base having grown significantly to 136.7 million.

That’s a shift from over 78 percent of all Android and iOS mobile users on Google Maps to just short of 43 percent in one year. On iOS, 35 million users pulled up Apple Maps in the month, out of a total population of 60.1 million users: more than 58 percent.

Data from comScore indicates Apple’s users interact with Maps more often (9.7 million iOS users access Maps each day, compared to just 7.2 million for Android) and spend more time in mapping apps: 75.5 minutes per month on average, compared to 56.2 on Android.

So, all in all, Apple Maps has been a huge success. Yeah, the app does come pre-installed as the default maps app on any iPhone, but that’s not the point. The point is that people are actually using it, and using it often – something we might not have expected after its problem-plagued launch.

(via BGR)

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