Just How Flexible Is the LG G Flex?

Good news, everyone: the LG G Flex lives up to its name. As you can see in the video above, when force is applied to the curved phone, it bends. The Flex is indeed flexible. Here’s another short video to really drive the point home:

I’d love to see this thing put through some real world tests – not just being set on a table and pushed on, but how the phone holds up to, say, being left in someone’s back pocket and sat on throughout the day (what were these phones made for if not for perfectly matching the curvature of the user’s butt?). While the Flex does flex, it seems to be straining a bit, so I’m guessing it wasn’t designed to bend very readily.

While I was initially pretty skeptical about these new curved phones, if the flexibility really does make them more durable, then I’m for it. However, I would rather see a regular phone with some give to it than this awkward bananaphone.

(via The Verge)

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