Mobile Gaming is Dominating the Gaming Industry

In the past video games came on cartridges, you played them on a big fat tube television in your parent’s basement and you told your friends about the level you reached at school the next day.   Now you might still be living in your parent’s basement but the future of gaming is solidly mobile.   Anywhere, any-time, high quality gaming, that fits nicely in our pocket, is yours to have (at least on non Blackberry devices ~ zing).  The mobile entertainment industry was worth $33 billion last year, which is due in part to the success of smartphones like the iPhone and the plethora of Android devices like the HTC Thunderbolt.  These high powered computers were just waiting for people to turn them into gaming consoles.

The industry is undergoing a titanic shift, factors like the ease of publishing to the App Store, the extremely low cost to become a developer, the growth of Freemium games (games given away for free with revenues coming from alternative sources) and the rise of the female gamers (53% of mobile gamers are female) are rewriting the rules and making millionaires overnight.

Geekaphone has taken an in depth look at the numbers and stats behind the industry and have put together this informative infographic, all you have to do is pause your game for 1.4 minutes to take a look.

mobile games infographic
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