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Pimp your Phone: how to make your phone stand out

Who wants a boring phone? Nobody. Maybe you can’t afford a diamond and gold plated special edition of the iPhone (that and they’re pretty garish unless your a Saudi prince) and perhaps you’ll never be seen at the Palm playing Angry Birds with Rihanna. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal twist to your fancy new phone. From cases and ringtone to engravings, apps and backgrounds there are lots of ways to make your phone stand out. We’ve collectively made accessories a billion dollar industry, they’re the modern day racing stripe.
Interestingly you’ll probably price shop your phone to the last penny and then drop a tonne of cash on bling before you walk out the door. Accessories have crazy high profit margins, way more than the actual phone itself so your frugality is probably wasted on the phone. Geekaphone has taken a quick look at the industry and put together another tasty infographic. Enjoy!

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Reminder: We Just Launched Mobile Speed Test

A few weeks back we launched our Geekaphone Mobile Speed Test, and so far thousands of people have run our test to see how fast their phone is. If you have not had the opportunity to see how fast your phone is than scan this QR code or go to on your phone.

Check out our leaderboard to find out if your phone is the fastest phone on the market. Or take a look at which phone and carrier is the fastest in your city: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Toronto.

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RIM vs the World

After the success of our last two infographics: How Green is the iPhone and The iPhone the worlds #1 Camera, we decided to look at why some people love their BlackBerry so much, and what challenges RIM is facing.

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<a href=""><img width="600" height="4176" src="" title="RIM vs the World" alt="blackberry vs iphone"/></a><br /> <a href="">Geekaphone</a>'s  <a href="">RIM vs the World</a> Infographic



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