High Speed iPhone Photography: Flying Liquid

There’s no use crying over spilled milk, right?

Belgium-based photographer Manon Wethly has created an incredible photo series of flying liquids in mid-spill. Believe it or not, Manon has taken most of these photos with an iPhone camera!

I love this photo series, but I think it’d be cool if she captured a martini flying through the air.

Did you know you could take such neat shots with nothing but an iPhone camera?

Manon Wethly - FullyM7

Manon Wethly - FullyM1

Manon Wethly - FullyM6

Manon Wethly - FullyM5

Manon Wethly - FullyM4

Manon Wethly - FullyM3

Manon Wethly - FullyM8

Manon Wethly - FullyM2

Manon Wethly - FullyM9

(via DIYPhotography, photos by Manon Wethly)

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