Vine, Instagram is Calling You Out! Instagram Launches Video Sharing Option

Calling all smartphone videographers! It looks like you now have a second option for making and sharing short videos on your phone. Now you just have to choose sides: Vine or Instagram?

Photo-sharing app Instagram must of been feeling the heat from Vine (Twitter’s video sharing service) as they announced today the launch of ‘Video on Instagram‘. Instagram was acquired last year by Facebook for $1 billion. The ‘Video on Instagram’ feature is a clear signal from Instagram/Facebook to Vine/Twitter that they are the top dogs!

The new feature allows Instagrammers to share up to 15 seconds of video content, in addition to allowing users to add 13 filters (of course!, that’s what Instagram’s known for) and provides easy editing capabilities. Vine’s video sharing feature currently only allows users to add up to 6 seconds of video content.

‘Video on Instagram’ has a “Cinema” image stabilization feature, which Vine does not. Check out the GIF below to see how well it works.

Video on Instagram

[Animated Gif via Gizmodo]

Despite Instagram regaining their turf, I think the competition for best smartphone video app has just begun. I’m sure Vine staffers are currently brainstorming new ways to outdo Instagram. Here’s how the two currently stack up.

instagram-vs-vine5 (1)

[Chart by TechCrunch]

How do you think Vine will respond? Does that whole 9 seconds seal the deal for you, or are you more interested in the new features Instagram offers over Vine? Does 6 seconds challenge you to be more creative? Are you going to use either of them at all? Vent in the comments section below.

(via SLR Lounge and TechCrunch)

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