An iPhone and a Stop Motion App Was All It Took to Make This Amazing Beard Video

Yesterday, we published a piece on an alternative beards photo set, today it’s a hilarious stop motion video. With just an iPhone camera and a stop motion app, Ben Garvin pieced together this giggle-worthy. The 2-minute long epic starts with a beard and ends with…well, you’ll see.

Magic Beard‘ is exactly what it sounds like. Forget the ol’ bunny in the top hat trick, you’ll never guess what’s hiding behind those whiskers. It even dances, so don’t say I didn’t warn you when the laughter enters pee-your-pants territory.

And gentlemen, let it be known that there’s nothing like a man with a sense of humor and well-groomed stubble.

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(via This Is Colossal & The Geek Portal )

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