The 2013 iPhone Photography Awards Announces Winners

(Holly Wesley – 1st Place, 2013 Photographer of the Year)

“Phone photography” is a touchy and controversial subject in the photography world. Many people discredit the work of “phone photographers” as not being true photographic work.

Despite the controversy, mobile cameras are always advancing and are readily accessible, so whether you agree with “phone photography” or not, when you’re out and about, you may not have a DSLR but you probably have a mobile camera to capture that amazing shot of something spectacular that you didn’t expect to see.

The 6th Annual IPPAWARDS are celebrating the photography of iPhone/iPod users. The entries were not allowed to be altered in Photoshop or by any other desktop photo editing software but photography apps such as Hipstamatic were permissible.

The top three winners of the IPPA Photographer of the Year Award title win a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini. The top entry from each of the 16 IPPA categories will win a Gold Bar from the most recognizable private gold mint in the world…Not bad for snapping a pic with your iPhone!

Congratulations to all the winners! To see more winning entries click here.

Discuss your views on “phone photography” in the comments section below.

Brolin-Roney FullyM
(Brolin Roney – 2nd place, 2013 Photographer of the Year)

Bob-Weil FullyM
(Bob Weil – 3rd place, 2013 Photographer of the Year)

Jon-Resnik FullyM
(Jon Resnik – 1st place, Animals)

Kim-Hanskamp FullyM
(Kim Hanskamp – 1st place, People)

Maegan-Moore FullyM
(Maegan Moore, 1st place, Landscape)

Daniel-Fonseca1 FullyM
(Daniel Fonseca – 1st place, Still Life)

Luyu-Huang FullyM
(Luyu Huang – 1st place, Lifestyle)

(via The Independent)

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