Why A Curved Screen Is Not As Dumb As You Think It Is

We all laughed when Samsung came out with the Galaxy Round, which is essentially a Galaxy Note 3 with a screen that curves gently along its horizontal access. It looked like a gimmick, as if Samsung was playing off our thirst for novelty and our gullibility towards marketing.

The curved screen might not be all spin, though. More than just a good fit against the thigh in a pocket, the radius makes for an overall better display. According to Extremetech:

The curvature actually causes a series of optical effects that result in improved contrast, color accuracy, readability, and overall image quality — especially under ambient light that usually makes smartphone screens almost unreadable, such as daylight or fluorescent office lighting.

Ambient light is what renders smartphone displays nearly unviewable, and is the main reason why brightness has become so important. But the low reflectance on the Galaxy Round means it doesn’t need to be as bright to show saturated colors at crisp resolutions; there’s just not as much visual interference to compete with.

I’m not going to head out any time soon for one of these things, as I’m waiting with the rest of the world for the Nexus 5. But I might not be so quick to scoff at seemingly empty developments.

(Displaymate via Extremetech)

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