6 Ways to Spookify Your Phone for Halloween

It’s Halloween, everybody! Whether you’ve gone Halloween crazy with an elaborate costume and impressive lawn display or you totally forgot it was Halloween until just now, you can add a little bit of spookiness to your day with a few quick swipes on your phone. Check it out:

Invert the colors

To add a simple Halloween touch to your phone, just invert the colors. While this feature was intended for use by the visually impaired, just for today, we can call it “HorrorVision.” To enable HorrorVision on your iPhone, just go to Settings>General>Accessibility and toggle the Invert Colors button. HorrorVision activated!


(via Business Insider)

Download some spooky backgrounds

What better way to remind yourself it’s Halloween than to be forced to look into the dead eyes of a zombie every time you glance at your phone? There are a bunch of Halloween background packs for you to choose from in both the App Store and the Google Play store.


Listen to a scary podcast

Get in the Halloween mood with some suitably spooky podcasts. The Reddit community r/NoSleep puts together a great podcast full of amateur-written horror stories that’s bound to give you the creeps. If you’re looking for something a little more unsettling than downright scary, the very popular Welcome to Night Vale is also a good choice for a little Halloween ambiance.


Download a Halloween soundboard app

Don’t get caught at a Halloween party without a spooky soundboard app. Freak out your friends with the sounds of ghosts, dragging chains, a boiling cauldron and other classic Halloween sounds. You can grab this one for 99 cents from the App Store, or for free (with ads) from the Google Play store.


(via TIME)

Get a creepy case

It might be a little late for this now, but why not keep Halloween going all year round with haunted house case?


(via Amazon)

Have it cursed

If all else fails, you can always have your phone cursed. Obviously this requires some next-level Halloween dedication, but if you really want to go all-in, you’ve gotta go with a curse. Unsurprisingly, this is a service you can purchase on Fiverr for just five bucks.



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